The Orlando Bible Church is an independent, fundamental church whose object is the salvation of souls, the edification of Christians through the teaching of God's Word, the world-wide proclamation of God's saving grace expressed in the shed blood and finished work of the Lord Jesus on Calvary, the promotion of Godly worship, the defense of "The Faith Once For All Delivered," and co-operation with Christian activity functioning in harmony with God's Holy Word, the Bible, until He comes.

The Orlando Bible Church exists for the sole purpose of magnifying the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through the uncompromising proclamation of the glorious Gospel of the grace of God. We believe with the utmost conviction of heart in the full authority of the Bible as the inspired and inerrant Word of the living God; in the absolute necessity of faith in the shed blood of the Son of God for salvation from sin; in the convicting and converting work of the Holy Spirit who alone can accomplish the miracle of regeneration, making the believer a new creature in Christ through the new birth experience. It is the sincere and earnest prayer of our hearts that all who come within the doors of our local testimony may know the Lord Jesus in the fullness of His saving power and in the recognition of His sovereign Lordship over heart and life.

Recent Audio

Date Title Listen
Sunday Evening 9/13/2015 "A Cruel Villain Against Christ Becomes a Chosen Vessel Unto Christ!" Acts 9
Sunday Morning 9/13/2015 "Established, Enriched, and an Eager Expectancy!" 1 Corinthians 1:4-9; Acts 18
Sunday Morning 9/13/2015 Adult Bible School
Saturday 9/12/2015 Radio Broadcast
Wednesday Evening 9/9/2015 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday Evening 9/6/2015 "The Persecutor Becomes the Persecuted!" Acts 9
Sunday Morning 9/6/2015 "The Divine Authority of the Appointed Minister" 1 Corinthians 1:1-2
Sunday Morning 9/6/2015 Adult Bible School
Saturday 9/5/2015 Radio Broadcast
Sunday Evening 8/30/2015 "The Preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: Foolishness to the Perishing, but the Power of God to the Saved!"
Sunday Morning 8/30/2015 "The Believer's Perfect Standing in CHRIST!" 1 Corinthians 1:1-2
Sunday Morning 8/30/2015 Adult Bible School
Saturday 8/29/2015 Radio Broadcast
Wednesday Evening 8/26/2015 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday Evening 8/23/2015 "Water Baptism: What It Is and What It Is Not"
Sunday Morning 8/23/2015 "The War is Raging in the Fight for Christian Music! Part X-Beware of Their Deceptive Speech!"
Sunday Morning 8/23/2015 Adult Bible School
Saturday 8/22/2015 Radio Broadcast
Wednesday Evening 8/19/2015 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday Evening 8/16/2015 "Philip: A Sanctified Vessel Fit for the Master's Use!"
Sunday Morning 8/16/2015 "The War is Raging in the Fight for Christian Music! Part IX-A Witness to the World or a Worldly Witness?"
Sunday Morning 8/16/2015 Adult Bible School
Saturday 8/15/2015 Radio Broadcast
Wednesday Evening 8/12/2015 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday Evening 8/9/2015 "The Catastrophe of a Carnal Witness of a Saved Man"
Sunday Morning 8/9/2015 "The War is Raging in the Fight for Christian Music! Part VIII-Contemporary Christian Music and Their Artists are Conformed to this Age!"
Sunday Morning 8/9/2015 Adult Bible School
Saturday 8/8/2015 Radio Broadcast
Wednesday Evening 8/5/2015 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday Evening 8/2/2015 "The Spirit-controlled Witness of a Consecrated Christian"
Sunday Morning 8/2/2015 "The War is Raging in the Fight for Christian Music! Part VII-Contemporary Worship Music is of the World System!"
Sunday 8/2/2015 Adult Bible School
Saturday 8/1/2015 Radio Broadcast

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